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Terms and conditions for using the Service

The services provided by are to facilitate the buying, selling and renting processes with the convenience and precision. People looking for purchasing real estate properties or renting their properties can post ads on this site to get quick responses. On the other hand, it caters to people who are interested in property sale or looking for properties available for rent. You can only avail the services of if you abide by the terms of use and privacy policies of the company.

Before the user proceeds from registration, the following information regarding the services is made available to the user:
  • Sale and to let serves a common platform where the buyers and sellers of real estate properties can post their property ads or apply for their requirements. Thus the buying, selling or renting of property is made convenient for the participant users
  • The portal is completely legal and does not provoke or permit any illegal transactions
  • The service thus provided extends the facilities of keeping the users informed about new updates in the portal that may be related to their interest

The user must understand the following rules and regulations to be followed in order to register with the website-

1) Registration Information
You must fill in the Registration form correctly with compulsory details such as name, e-mail ID and house details. The absolute required fields will be highlighted for you and you must fill them up correctly. Your email ID will be used as your log in ID along with your chosen password for the website. You will receive an invitation from us in the e-mail ID provided by you. The information provided in the mail will be according to our terms and conditions.

It is your legitimate obligation to fill in your name, address, contact no. and other details accurately. It is subject to verification, but we may or may not verify the details as per our convenience and requirement. The details may be handed over to legal authorities if found illegal or shows offensive transactions.

The log in ID and password that you will use to access will be under your responsibility for maintaining its confidentiality. Your account will be subject to termination or rejection if you give your log in details to someone else who misuses the account. It will be your prior duty to inform us if you find any unauthorized use of your account or any leakage in the account security. We will not be liable for any damage or loss incurred by you due to your failure of protecting your account

2) Profile norms to be maintained
The profile form may ask you about the details of your lifestyle, such as status, hobbies, occupation, passion, annual income and so on. You are required to feed in the correct data. If on verification your data is found false, then you will solely be responsible for the closure of your account. Any kind of offensive statements, sexual videos and pornographic photos, images of violence or harassment will not be tolerated by the authority or Consequently, your account will be subject to termination on the ground of misuse of the services.

3) Protocols for ad posting
The portal of is a vast marketing platform for buying and selling your properties with domination of real estate properties. Thus the user has to abide by the following rules while making, ad posts in the portal-

The user strictly cannot post ads or attempt to sell the following items through
  • Sexual services or orgasm materials
  • Drugs
  • Pornography
  • Explosives or fireworks
  • Arms, ammunition and weapons
  • Stolen or illegal properties
  • Tobacco or alcohol
  • Gambling related coupons or tickets
  • Any material that might create health hazards
  • Bulk databases
  • Event tickets which are desired to be sold illegally
  • Financial bonds, stocks and securities
  • Terrorist group related items

4) General code of conduct followed for site access
  • The posting or deletion of any ad is not under the liability of
  • The user will be solely responsible for any mistakes in the subject matter of the posted ad and the authority of cannot be held liable for such phenomenon.
  • Your posted ads will be auto-deleted after a few months of its posting if you do not access your account. Thus, it is necessary to visit the site frequently.
  • In case the post is not deleted after the requirements are over, it will be the responsibility of the user to delete it using the delete link provided in the email sent by
  • If still your post is not deleted, then it will be your duty to contact the site administration by filling up the form provided on the contact page with full details.
  • In case you do not get any responses from the site administrator with your first attempt of contact, you should try to contact them second of third time because the heavy loads of innumerable e-mails per day may cause the administration to miss out on any one.
  • If anybody has any objection or doubt with any of the posts, then he/she has to contact the website administrator to get it cleared. If it is not solved from the administration, then the user should contact the person through the contact no. provided in the post.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the user to delete the post after the requirements are over. Saleandtolet will not be responsible for deleting your unwanted posts.
  • Every data posted on the site will be visible to the public. Hence the user should feed in data very carefully because in case of any discrepancy arising from it will not be a liability of saleandtolet.
  • The coverage of this site is limited to only India and not any other countries.
  • It may not be possible for the site to send the user alerts always. It is thus advised to get the updates from the site by visiting it regularly.
  • It may happen that some of the initial information available on the site is taken from other sites. Saleandtolet only uses that information that are public or that has been provided by the user.
  • Saleandtolet will remove all initial information taken from other sites in the beginning within a year's time
  • If anybody has any problem with this act of the site, then he/she can contact the site administration for further discussions.
  • Any legal case related to saleandtolet can be faced only in the Sriganganagar Court, Rajasthan

5) Privacy Policy
All the information provided by the user shall fall under our privacy policy. As we respect the user's privacy information very seriously, thus we will never take any steps in selling, renting or providing any information given by the user to a third party. The authority of however, can use the information to send personalized advertisements or updates to the user.

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